Retargeting campaigns

Retargeting Or Remarketing

Retargeting is used to bring back visitors to your website once they have left and not converted into a lead or a sale. It is a very powerful form of advertising and should be an integral part of any paid traffic strategy.

It works by placing a pixel or cookie on your customer’s computer when they visit your website. This is used to identify them and target them when they visit other target media.

The cost of retargeting (or remartketing) is a lot cheaper than targeting cold new traffic that do not know your business. You are targeting customers who have already visited your website and are interested in your services. These are “warm” leads with a higher chance of being turned into customers than “cold” traffic.

Retargeting can be done on many different platforms. The most common is Facebook and Google Adwords. Were you choose to retarget will depend on where your ideal customers spend time and hang out. This will be different for different businesses.

Facebook works well for a lot of consumer businesses we work with.

Facebook has some very powerful features which enable you to segment your website visitors into different audiences based on what pages they have visited on your website. You can then retarget these customers who are interested in your different products and services with different ads.

If you are not retargeting or remarketing you should be as you are losing business. Contact us today discuss how this can benefit your business.


We would love to help all business but if you are looking for the cheapest online marketing company we are not the company to work with. We are also not the most expensive. We will not take short cuts and provide you with poor quality marketing services that have no benefit for you business. To do this properly, depending on the nature of your business, time and resources need to be invested into this.


However if you are willing to invest in your marketing and business. If your business is ready to handle more sales and leads. If you are willing to make some changes in your business contact us and let’s discuss your business and needs and we can see if we both feel we are a good fit for you.