Our Framework for Digital Marketing Success

We use a framework we call the “STAR” blueprint. This provides a logical coherent methodology to help you increase your online sales.





  1. Sales – A lot of business will try and sell you as much traffic as possible. At Online Sales Consultancy we want make sure you see the best results on your bottom line. So before we look at anything we look at your existing website and how it is or is not converting existing visitors. If your website is not converting there is no point wasting your money on sending more traffic to your website which will not convert as well. We will make sure your website is converting and that you have a full functioning sales funnel.
  2. Traffic – Once we have you website converting then we will look at sending traffic to your website. Now we know you are going to get the maximum conversions and benefit from that traffic.
  3. Amplification – Here we look at increasing the benefits of what already is been done. This is predominately about maximise revenue in the sales funnel. This could include add on sales, repeat sales other related sales, developing new products etc.
  4. Reputation – Reputation Management and brand protection. We look at engaging and with your customers to get feed back and promote your products. To protect your online identity and brand.

Each business we work with is unique. Will sit down with you and get to understand your business and your goals. We will then develop with you a unique plan to drive more profitable online sales.

Customer Sales Funnel

When buying a product a potential customer and visitor to your website goes through the following stages of the sales funnel:

  1. Top Of The Funnel – This is the awareness stage.When a visitors is discovering a problem or concern they have and is starting to look for information about solving that problem.
  2. Middle Of The Funnel – This is the evaluation stage.  At this point the website visitor is evaluating and comparing possible solutions to their problem.
  3. Bottom Of The Funnel – This is the conversion stage. When a website visitor takes a desired out come. Which is often a sale or becoming a lead.

We will work with you and make sure you have all of the element of sales funnel in place. Making sure you are targeting your potential customers with the right information depending on were they are in the funnel and leading them through the funnel to a conversion.

To bring visitors back into the funnel we will look at using methods such as retargeting.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you build out your sales funnel and generate more profitable online sales today.

Our Services

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid Traffic
  • Retargeting
  • Email Marketing
  • Reputation Management