How much do your services cost?

Every businesses requirements will be unique. We will design a tailored solution to your business. The cost will be proportional to your requirements and the value we can add. We will only provide high quality marketing services and will not be the cheapest. We will also not be the most expensive.

Can you guarantee me a number one listing in Google?

No! No one can. However our results will improve your rankings and should see some good measurable benefit.

Will you work with anyone?

No. We will only work with customers who we believe we can provide measurable results for. With all our potential customers we like to meet for a free consultation to discuss their requirements so that we can both decide if we want to work with each other. We won’t work with everyone. We will only work with businesses who are open to new ideas and ready to handle the extra business. We won’t be the cheapest because we won’t take short cuts and will only provide high quality marketing services. We also will not be the most expensive.

Will you transfer all Intellectual Property (IP) rights to us?

Yes. On final payment we will transfer all copyright and intellectual property (IP) rights to you. Unlike some other companies we will not hold you to an ongoing licence fee. You will own all the work we do for you.

Where should I Start?

This will very much depend on your business. Book a free consultation and we will discuss what is appropriate to your business. This could be making sure your website converts, building out your sales funnel, SEO to get organic traffic and setting up a paid traffic strategy including retargeting. The exact requirements will depend on your business, your goals and your budget.

How long will it take to see SEO results?

Google advises six months to see results from search engine optimisation. However we typical see positive results after a couple of months. It will depend on your business and how competitive the keywords you would like to rank are.

Why should I choose Online Sales Consultancy?

We are qualified in all the major digital marketing skills. It is amazing how many people there are selling internet marketing services with out qualifications.

We wont sell you services to make a quick short term buck. We will work with you as long term strategic partners. To do this we need to produce results. You won’t stay with us if we don’t.

We don’t take short cuts. We only provide high quality marketing services. We won’t cut corners and will spend time on doing it properly. So we won’t be the cheapest (or most expensive) digital marketing agency.

We will only do so called “white hat” internet marketing. We won’t take risks with your business and will do everything within the terms and guidelines of the search engines. We won’t give you a quick short term ranking boost and then get you sandboxed or banned from the search engines.

We are focused on producing you more profitable sales.

We want to work with you to help you grow your business over the long term as strategic long term partners.

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